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Read testimonials from people who have entrusted their health to Integrative Health Solutions in Florence, SC.

“Dr. Hieshetter is a knowledgeable and compassionate GP. She has an interest in integrative medicine and natural approaches to pain management. I would highly recommend.”
− Beck X.

“I’ve suffered with Psoriasis Arthritis an Fibromyalgia for 19 years, the only thing that helped me was my weekly shots. When the weather changes pain was not the word. When my husband began going to Dr. Derick he could look at how I walked and knew what I was going through. Once I started with adjustments and dry needling my whole world changed. There was nothing better for me to do. Now I maybe stiff but I’m not hurting. If you have any type of pain at least give Interrogative Solutions a try. I highly recommended this friendly team to all.”
− Deborah L.

“I was recently involved in an automobile accident. When I contacted Integrated Health Solutions, they scheduled my appointment that day! As a patient, I have received excellent care from both Dr. Kristen and Dr. Derek. During my initial weeks of care, I could watch the swelling and bruising that I sustained during the accident fade away. The combination of treatment they offer is truly a blessing for us in the Pee Dee. If you are in pain, make your appointment and experience superb care with amazing technology!!!”
− Japih I.

“Integrative Health Care is *EVIDENCE BASED* but not yet accepted in the "Main Stream" Medicine. They are all GP trained Doctors. Think of this mob as pioneers in Medicine. They are the equivalent of the first Doctors who were using Sterilisation, Antibiotics, Surgery... you know all the things we accept now as mainstream.

Think of them as "Enhanced GPs".
They have been able to help me where my old Doctor told me "She can not help me anymore". I would highly recommend them.

− Jay Wulf

“Finding Dr. Oldenkamp has been life changing for us, he’s kind, caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable - cannot speak highly enough about him.”
− Rhiannon Rushton

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